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Archival description
Lionel Cuthbert Pyatt
AF2019.019 - Pyatt, L.C. · Fonds · 1949-1991

The fonds contain a series of photographs taken during Pyatt’s service with the RCAF in the 1950’s. These include photographs taken at No. 11 Supply Depot and No. 10 Repair Depot.

The Air Force Museum of Alberta
Reginald MacRae
AF2010.020 - MacRae, R. · Fonds · 1925-1969

The fonds contain a series of documents from the periods of the mid-1920’s up until the 1960’s. These include The Veterans’ Land Act booklet and a certificate of qualification under the Veterans’ Land Act, RCAF Tradesman Log Book, request for birth certificate, 1948 Air Force Day booklet, map of Camp Borden, various letters of reference from the 1930’s, and RCAF identification.

The Air Force Museum of Alberta
Melville Joseph Freeman
AF2022.008 - Freeman, M.J. · Fonds · 1941-1975

A collection of photographs and documents pertaining to Melville Joseph Freeman's career with the Royal Canadian Air Force from 1941 until 1975. Includes a photo album containing photographs taken during the closing of 3 Wing in 1969 as well as certificates of service and Cold War era documents.

The Air Force Museum of Alberta